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The key to living a truly prosperous life is good health. In the simplest words, being healthy and fit involves taking good care of the body. We must always keep in mind that only a healthy body can support a healthy mind.

Maintaining the necessary energy level to succeed in life requires good mental and physical health. We should all make an effort to maintain good health. The secret to living a long, active, and fulfilling life is maintaining good health.

It is true that a person’s ability to maintain wealth depends on their level of health.

All of us are striving hard to provide comfort for our families and ourselves. However, have you ever questioned why we don’t seem to be pleased despite our best efforts? There will always be certain issues that concern you and cause you stress, anxiety, and weariness. Even after all of your needs have been met, there are always some things that can make you feel down.

Ever try to determine why? All of your diet and exercise regimens, as well as the help you give to your family and yourself, fall short of giving you lasting relief.

Oriental handmade Carpets are always expensive compared to machine-made rugs; which are mass-produced and not crafted delicately by hand.

The main cause of these issues is that you ignore minor aspects. Your health is influenced by your surroundings and the products you consume. Therefore, the most important aspect to add a green indicator to leading a calm life is choosing the proper product!

Review the complete guide to selecting the best Carpet design for your bespoke home.

In this blog post, we will explore how one of your everyday products, carpets, and rugs, can benefit your health. Unfold by exploring some interesting facts about how handmade rugs give you health benefits. First, let us explore what exactly are handmade rugs and carpets?

The Best In Class: Pure Mulberry Silk Carpet»

What are Handmade Rugs and Carpets?

The technique and skill of hand-knotting require years of practice to master. Artists, who have years of experience in this sector, weave hand-knotted carpets and rugs on a unique loom. Each thread is expertly crafted with care. Explore further reading on knots and fine crafts of handmade rugs

Rugs created by hand are known to have the most beautiful patterns. Each pattern is skillfully woven into the carpet, which stands out so brilliantly and has its own distinct flavor.

At Carpets of Kashmir, we offer over 2000 ready in-stock Kashmiri rugs made from pure Mulberry silk100% pure Merino wool and wool-silk blend

We have collections of specific carpets that our domestic and global clients love: AugustusCaravanChlorisLaetus and last but not least the L’Exalte and many more being added in the future. 

Along with the rugs showcased, we offer complete customization of the rugs crafted as per the client’s requirements. We have one of the best Kashmiri carpet shops in India

Our range of rugs is suited for bedroomsliving roomscoffee-tablecorridors as well as unique wall hangings

At Albasir Carpets of Kashmir we have always been concerned about the sustainability of the environment and have always used Azo-free, chrome and eco-friendly dyes.

The oriental designs are categorised as floral and geometric; although we also offer contemporary rugs for clients exploring the modern art in rugs.

A committed, persistent craftsperson could have worked on a rug for up to a year. It’s possible that a group of artisans spent months creating larger versions of this kind of rug. Personal devotion and passion assure that a hand-knotted area rug is not just a work of art, but also a long-lasting item.

The number of craftspeople who produce these magnificent works of art declines with each passing year. Considering this and the other benefits of these rugs, buying hand-knotted carpets is a worthwhile investment. An amazing work of art that will bring a tonne of style to your house, place of business, or any other location is made when color, texture, and design come together.

As a result, all these elements make buying hand-crafted rugs and carpets worthwhile. Now, we will be exploring how one can accelerate health due to handmade rugs.

Health Benefits of Having Handmade Rugs »

  • Less Noise: When there is no carpet present in the room, sound travels much farther. You’ve probably experienced this at some point when you’ve been in a room devoid of carpet and heard how sound tends to bounce off the walls. This is because soft materials, like carpets, may absorb sound better than hard ones. Carpet makes a room significantly quieter, which is good for your peace of mind and for calming you during stressful moments. Happiness comes from doing well in life, which is possible when you are composed. Happiness simultaneously improves your health.
  • Safe for Children: Hard surfaces can be slippery, and when slips and falls do occur, landing on them isn’t very enjoyable. Carpet not only offers a soft landing surface, which is particularly useful in baby’s rooms but also aids in preventing some falls from happening in the first place, especially on stairs. Hardwood stairs provide a safety risk, particularly when there are young children, senior citizens, or people with mobility challenges living there. A carefully chosen carpet improves safety by reducing the number of slips and falls.
  • Cushioning Effects: Have you ever experienced that your body gets sore and achy after standing or moving around on concrete or ceramic tiles for a while? Surfaces that are hard are exactly that—hard. They don’t provide any flexibility underfoot, therefore they can’t cushion the impact of your steps. What does this entail, then? It basically implies that when you walk on a hard surface floor, your body feels a little jolt because it absorbs the force of your footfall rather than the floor. The carpet’s flexibility and padding absorb shock while still being comfortable to walk, sit, and rest on. If there is an underpad, this effect is substantially magnified.
  • Better Environment: The appearance of an area rug is maybe the most evident benefit. Area rugs have a special way of bringing all the components of a room together. For instance, they can combine different hues utilized in the décor. However, the advantages of area rugs go far beyond fashion. If you are unsure whether an area rug is appropriate for your space, keep reading to find out how area rugs may truly enhance the room while also giving you a place to think for yourself. As a result, you made a wise choice that lowers your stress levels.
  • Reduces Breathing Problems: There has been much discussion on whether carpet worsens or improves health issues including allergies and asthma. Years ago, people with such respiratory issues were instructed to remove all of the carpeting from their houses and install hard surface flooring instead. But multiple studies over the past few years have repeatedly demonstrated that carpet is really better for people who have breathing difficulties than hard surface floors.

Where to Shop?

After revealing the advantages of selecting the best handmade rugs and carpets, there are no doubts remaining about not buying a Kashmiri carpet.  The question that now comes is where you may get the best solution for your health beneficiary.

Why worry? When you receive all the benefits of Carpets of Kashmir’s products. The top-notch goods and services that you receive from will enable you to enjoy a great deal of flexibility! The finest collection of hand-knotted carpets is what we at offer you.

With more than 2,000 oriental carpets available both online and in our fully stocked showroom, we have some of the best online rug collections in the world.

We only use natural fibers, such as wool, silk, or occasionally a combination of the two, in our hand-knotted carpets. The hand-knotted carpets are made using these natural fibers, which bring out the best in them.

Purchase our top-notch, certified hand-knotted carpets online right now!

Our website has a filter option for our customers’ convenience when shopping online. We think it’s important to help our clients at every turn. You can contact us by Whatsapp or the inquiry form on our website with any questions or inquiries, and we’ll be happy to help.

Bring the best to your home! Decorate your bespoke home with a touch of comfortable and unique Carpets and Rugs!

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