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Indian Express 2021

The Indian Express about Embroidery

The Indian Express wrote as “Haute couture: Spot the difference between hand-embroidered and hand-crafted”. They wrote beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. True. But we cannot take away the credit due to the creator of all things that the eye views as, ‘beautiful.’ “A lady walked in with a heavy lehenga, a striking outfit, which seemingly looked hand-embroidered and cost her a couple of lakhs. She wanted to know the style of embroidery and pick another ensemble, which didn’t have similar embroidery and asked for the ‘old world zardozis.’ We turned to Izhar, a master hand embroider, who took one look at the work and said that it was pasted embroidery, and an original zardozi lehenga would require around 50 people to work non-stop for two to three months and cost way higher”. This was shared by Samarjeet Gurum of Plumtin, a brand known for its heritage couture. The tryst with the tradition of hand-embroidery is in an awkward space as the term hybrid is used for Indian designs which are machine made. There are duplicates of hand embroidered apparel in the market in first place. Well, for the simple reason that machine embroidery costs much less when compared to hand embroidery as it uses a machine to do the embroidery work and can earn larger profits if sold as handmade. But It’s very easy to identify the difference between machine and hand embroidery, a simple mention on the label, clearly states if an outfit is ‘hand embroidered’ or ‘hand crafted’, can be an ethical trend to follow, and give artisans the respect they deserve. Click here:

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