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Meet Babar Mudasir: Singer who sings to help poor and needy

Here is a name music lovers swear by in Kashmir, while youth are fascinated by his mellifluous voice, and for the poor and needy Babar is a generous helper.

For Babar Mudasir , a 27-year-old Kashmiri singer, music is not only an art for him but also a means to help needy people.

He is well known for his love for his people and his spirit of great generosity.

Babar till now he has helped dozens of destitute and needy by raising funds for them during his live performances.

He donates the revenue generated from these performances to the needy and poor.

Not only that, Babar is currently running a newly launched music academy called Studio90s, where students are trained in music with much emphasis on vocals without any charges.

“It is everyone’s duty to help the poor and needy. Some affluent are think that God punishes the impious souls by making them poor. Others think that people become poor because they are lethargic. It is not always the case. We often find that only those are poor that work the hardest,” said Babar Mudasir.

“Assisting the poor is a fundamental tenet of humanity. The responsibility to help one another is placed equally upon the shoulders of every single human being,” he added.

Babar received praise and acclaim across India for their songs and his selfless works of charity.

He has done a few events outside J&K and has a fan following out of state too.

Lately, a female fan from Mumbai had traveled all the way to meet Babar.

Hailing from North Kashmir’s Dachigam village in District Bandipora, Babar is blessed with a melodious voice and has been performing since childhood.

He has used social media to showcase his talent and mesmerises viewers with his beautiful performance.

“My musical journey began when I was in school. I used to participate in school functions. My teachers in the school were the ones who noticed that I have a melodious voice and would appreciate me,” said Babar

In 2014, Babar officially launched his YouTube channel with his first song ‘Gah Choun pewa ‘ composed by Babar and written by famous Kashmiri poet prof. Ismail Ashana.

It was through this song that he came to limelight.

This song received a tremendous response by garnering 1 million views on YouTube alone.

Babar presently has over 118 K subscribers on YouTube and lacks on other social media platforms.

He has become a musical sensation in Kashmir. Every song he uploads on YouTube garners millions of views.

While talking about the audience’s reaction to his singing career, he said,“I started from scratch and it gives me immense pleasure that I have reached this stage. I get overwhelmed by the love and respect I received from music lovers outside and back home. It is not always about the money, but the place you make in the  hearts of people is valueless.“

“I had my own share of ups and downs but the struggles and hard work paid off. But I never lost hope and tried to give my best,” added Babar.

Babar, a well-known name in the singing realm of Kashmir now , aspires to provide more space to the Kashmiri language in Bollywood through his singing. He intends to promote the Kashmiri language through his music.

Known as the man with the golden voice ,Babar pens lyrics to promote kashmiri culture and also narrates through his raps the various social evils that are marring Kashmir society

Talking about the upcoming projects in the line Babar said, “ I am currently working on many projects and these songs would be released on top news channels in India. Besides, I have done a tie-up with the top music label of the country.”


Happy to meet & greet  Babar Mudasir the man with the golden voice   It’s a memory of a lifetime to meet the Youth sensation . Thank you Barbar Mudasir for your Presence at Albasir, for sharing personal stories, and spending time . We adore you and respect you

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