Walnuts are extensively used in baked goods, desserts, Savory dishes or eaten as they are in almost every part of the world. But, do you know what makes these nuts so popular in almost every world cuisine? Well, apart from their deliciously crunchy taste, there are many health benefits of walnuts. 

Walnuts have been a part of our diets for a very long time. These round nuts that look almost like a brain grow on huge trees. The walnuts that we eat are enveloped in a hard shell, which when removed, reveals these brown-colored nuts.

Do you remember your mom handing you a few walnuts every day when you were a little kid, saying that they were good for your health? Well, she was right as these walnuts have quite an impressive nutritional profile.

If you find yourself thinking; are walnuts good for you? The short answer is, YES, they certainly are!

But if you are wondering why then we are here to tell you the benefits of walnuts. Here, in this article, we share some of the most amazing benefits of eating walnuts and why you need to include them in your diet. 

Top 15 benefits of walnuts

1. Walnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants

If you did not already know then let us tell you that antioxidants help fight the damage caused by free radicals in your body. Hence, antioxidants are integral for staying healthy. 

As compared to other nuts, walnuts are the richest in antioxidants. Vitamin E, melatonin and polyphenols present in walnuts bring about the antioxidant activity. Needless to say that this activity is very healthy.

Antioxidants are vital as they reduce the risk of many diseases including cancer, heart diseases and various other diseases. Moreover, antioxidants also delay the signs of aging and make you look youthful for longer. 

And one of the best walnut benefits is that these are naturally rich in this substance. So, grab a few walnuts to get your antioxidant dose!

3. Walnuts are an amazing source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Another one of the excellent benefits of walnuts is that they are rich in omega-3s. Walnuts are one of the few foods that are extremely rich in this substance. If you consume a plant-based diet only, walnuts are your best source of omega-3.

Omega 3 is an essential fat that you need to include in your diet for numerous benefits including fighting depression, inflammation, improving eye health, brain health and a lot more.

3. Walnuts are good for your brain health

When talking about the health benefits of walnuts, how can we leave this one out?!

This nut, which resembles a human brain, is extremely good for this body part. Regular consumption of walnuts will help you improve memory and your cognitive function. The nutrients present in walnuts help keep your brain running smoothly.

Walnuts promote a better brain function and are also great for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

4. Walnuts are good for the heart

One of the best benefits of eating walnuts is that they are good for your heart. Consuming these nuts (akhrout) regularly can reduce the chances of getting a heart disease. 

Studies have suggested that walnuts help in lowering blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. So, walnuts basically keep your heart healthy. 

To lower your chances of getting a heart disease, it is a good idea to have a few walnuts daily.

5. Walnuts aid in weight management

Yet another one of the amazing walnut benefits is that eating them aids in weight management. So, if you are trying to lose some weight or maintain it, do not shy away from popping a few walnuts in your mouth.

It has been found out that walnuts can control your appetite and prevent you from giving in to unhealthy food cravings. Moreover, walnuts also tend to keep you full for longer; thus, preventing you from overeating/ munching on unnecessary food. So, when you feel like snacking on something, go for some walnuts!

6. Walnuts decrease inflammation

Inflammation can be the cause of many diseases. But, the good news is that walnuts can help decrease inflammation and reduce your chances of getting these diseases.

The polyphenols that are present in walnuts are known to fight inflammation. If you suffer from any inflammation related issues, remember to add some walnuts to your diet.

7. Walnuts promote a healthy gut

Wondering what else are walnuts good for? Benefits of eating walnuts includes a healthier gut.

Eating walnuts is a great way of supporting your gut health, some studies have suggested. Consuming these nuts regularly will increase the health-promoting bacteria in your body. A healthy gut means good health overall and better protection against many diseases.

So, grab a few walnuts and keep your gut health in the best shape!

8. Walnuts help prevent certain types of cancer

Another one of the amazing benefits of walnuts includes prevention against certain types of cancers. Consuming walnuts regularly can reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

This can be because of the presence of polyphenols in walnuts and a few studies have been conducted to support this. 

Include walnuts in your diet to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

9. Walnuts help reduce blood sugar levels and manage diabetes

Did you know this one of yet another one of the amazing walnut benefits? Eating walnuts in moderation regularly can help you control your blood sugar levels.

So, if you are a diabetic or on the verge, walnuts are great for you. Walnuts are known to help build insulin resistance. They are also rich in dietary fibres, meaning that these nuts take longer to break down and digest and this ensures the slow release of sugar in the bloodstream.

Walnuts also have a low glycaemic index (GI), making them ideal for diabetic people. So, if you have diabetes, a few walnuts regularly should be good for you.

10. Walnuts are good for male reproductive health

The many benefits of walnuts include them being great for the male reproductive health too. Walnuts are known to help improve sperm vitality and motility. 

These nuts can boost male fertility. A study conducted found out that men who included walnuts in their diets had better sperm vitality and motility at the end of three months as compared to men who did not consume these nuts. 

11. Walnuts prevent and help depression

Are you suffering from depression? Then walnuts may be very good for you. 

Being rich in omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts are great for your brain and can also help with the signs of depression. Various studies conducted found out that people with depression who ate walnuts had lower depression scores as compared to those who did not. Hence, researches and nutritionists everywhere suggest that you eat walnuts to relieve your symptoms of depression and feel better.

Doesn’t this sound as one of the best benefits of eating walnuts?

12. Help in lowering blood pressure

If you are still wondering are walnuts good for you then here is another one of walnut benefits to prove it.

If your blood pressure tends to be on the higher side then you can start eating some walnuts daily. 

Walnuts contain a good amount of magnesium and magnesium can be good in lowering your blood pressure. A study conducted concluded that walnuts have been efficient in reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure as well as in people who saw a spike in their blood pressure when under stress. 

13. Walnuts are great for your skin

Want to know yet another one of the amazing health benefits of walnuts? They are great for your skin. 

We already saw that walnuts contain a very good amount of antioxidants. And antioxidants are extremely good for your skin. These substances help you look younger by delaying the signs of ageing. By consuming walnuts regularly, your skin will look more youthful, supple, and moisturized. Not just antioxidants, walnuts are also rich in Vitamin E and this vitamin is also very beneficial for your skin.

So, for better skin, pop some walnuts in your mouth daily.

14. Walnuts are amazing for your hair

Just like your skin, walnuts are amazing for your hair as well. This is also because of the Vitamin E content in them. Consuming walnuts will nourish your hair and make them shiny and look more moisturized. Eating walnuts will also reduce hair fall along with strengthening your hair and keeping your scalp healthy.

So, for better hair, do not forget to add some walnuts to your diet.

15. Walnuts are amazing for maintaining your health overall

Walnuts are loaded with a lot of nutrients and are considered to be one of the healthiest of nuts and foods on the planet.

Consuming walnuts regularly will give you a boost of health. Their rich nutrient content is good for your overall health. So, as long as you are not allergic to them, walnuts are amazing to keep you healthy, fit and fine.

Over to You

There are many benefits of walnuts. And from the above 15 points it can be concluded that walnuts are an all-rounder nut. So, including them in your daily diet is only going to prove beneficial to you. But, remember that every good thing should only be had in moderation, including these fantastic nuts.

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